TMJ Relief

TMJ Relief  ………You can smile again without feeling the stress and pain in your jaw…………..

I haven’t felt my jaw for thirty years and was unaware of how my face felt! What a feeling!

How It Works, How We Help
TMJ Relief is comprised of a series of tiny, easy, small,gentle, manageable movements based in physics aimed at changing the pace and coordination in your central nervous system.

Benefits you can Expect
Imagine that you could avoid  jaw tension with its accompanying, often debilitating headache, neck and shoulder pain. With Cate Thomas you will learn gentle exercises that can relieve jaw pain while improving the comfort, mobility and working relationship of the head, neck, mouth and jaw.

  • Discover the movement patterns that cause jaw pain.
  • Employ techniques to balance the left and right muscles of the jaw
  • Optimize the overall function of the jaw
  • Feel better and have a more youthful and attractive appearance
  • Enjoy your head,neck and jaw with release of tension with less effort!
    Be Pain Free With Ease
    Using the Feldenkrais Method, Bones For Life and other Methods, we work with the premise that simple, light, delicate, and deliberate movements can be learned easily to provide the brain with information and experiences. We can then form new, pain free patterns. The result is a light, easy jaw, where movement of the eyes, head and neck is pleasurable once again.

    Individual and Group Classes
    Treatment sessions are individual and in group class form
    Through the gentle and effective use of these interesting Movement lessons you will: