Brain Games

Build the Brain with Movement Games!

Forget the hard stuff, as we’re here to have some fun! The class is designed for all ages to help improve concentration and ability to focus. It helps to increase memory, and improves math and reading skills too! Your physical coordination will improve and stress headaches will diminish. Your eye-hand coordination will improve, your confidence will grow, and self esteem is greatly enhanced for all ages. Sound impossible? All you have to do is play the games. Some of the brain power games are done with sand filled bags and racquetballs. It’s really easy and the benefits are astonishing.


  • Brain Games is a series of fun movement games to improve all skills.
  • Brain Games uses principles of focus, integration, laterality and centering.
  • Brain Games uses racquetballs, bean bags to play the games alone, in groups, or with a partner.
  • Brain Games can help you learn how to increase eye-hand coordination, memory, and reading while improving confidence, rhythm and joy!
  • Brain Games is taught by Cate Thomas, Movement Education Specialist. This section is based on Bal-A-Vis-X, Feldenkrais®, and Brain Gym

Enjoy the fundamental interdependence of physical rhythms, sounds, language acquisition and academic achievement. Improvement and restoration of skills and function occurs easily. It is in our movements that we express knowledge, creating greater cognitive function as the movements develop complexity. The sheer fun of it brings back the playful aspect of learning and inspires greater progress for kids of all ages!

Cate Thomas is a Movement Educator specializing in the Feldenkrais Method® for Progressive Learning. She has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Education and Human Development, and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Dance with a Special Education Focus.


Workshop Classes are now being held at the Santa Rosa Parks and Recreation Dept.  Check their catalogue for dates and times. Other classes are being formed as well, so click on the link below to inquire and have fun!




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