Do you suffer from severe anxiety or panic attacks? Do you continuously worry? Are you uncomfortable leaving home? Are you extremely shy? Do you fear driving, public speaking, dying, diseases, choking, crowded places, bridges, flying, needles, bugs, snakes, blushing, fainting, going to the doctor, or more? There are thousands of fears and phobias that every “normal” person experiences. Begin to understand the nature of phobias and obsessions to overcome and conquer your fears. Using the Phobease tools, develop a mutual support system, with nutritional guidelines, relaxation practices and free whatever binds you.  Phobease is a ten session series designed to help you to overcome your fears through: understanding the nature of phobias and obsessions, designing a personalized strategy to conquer your fears, understanding and practicing non-avoidance, developing a mutual support system, following sound nutrition and exercise practices and relaxation techniques. This class follows the work of Dr. Howard Liebgold, M.D., Kaiser Permanente. Work book manuals are available for $20.00 in class, and relaxation C.D.’s for $14.00 . Classes  are in session and you can register at the bottom of the page by clicking on the purple sentence, Stay cool and collected, come to Phobease Class!


All Phobias can be Cured!

Social Phobias Panic Travel Phobias OCD Specific Phobias
Shy bladder Health Concerns Getting Lost Hurting Others Doctors
Crowds Claustrophobia Airplanes Contamination Dentists
Dating Separation Cars Harming Oneself Dogs/Cats
Failing Worry Bridges Disease Snakes
BDD Physical Symptoms Heights Pulling Hair Bugs/Spiders
Authority Figures Choking Freeways Offending People Rodents
Public Speaking Shallow Breathing Tunnels Sin Water
Teaching Being Alone Boats Hoarding Needles
Fainting Dying Elevators Eating Disorders
Blushing Blood Buses Washing
Being Watched Suffocation Weather Counting

Howard Liebgold, M.D., a physiatrist who overcame a claustrophobic condition of 31 years reveals the techniques that he has used to help over 9,000 + patients to conquer their fears. Affectionately known as Dr. Fear, Howard Liebgold was awarded California’s Physician of the Year in 1991.  During his medical career, spanning more than 35 years, he served as Chief of Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation, Head of the Chronic Pain Management Clinic, as well as teaching his phobia classes every week.  He has been internationally recognized as a professional Lecturer, including speaking at  the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and the Million Round Table in Toronto.  Dr. Liebgold is a national expert, featured in many Newspaper/Magazine articles and has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Evening Magazine and the BBC.

Stay Cool and Collected. Come to Phobease class!